What Arash Hadipour Nikash MD Says About Telehealth Services

Arash Hadipour Nikash

Summary: Telehealth services are fast gaining popularity today. Listen to the views of Arash Hadipour Nikash MD about the new system of treatment.

In the wake of the pandemic, telehealth services are gaming popularity very fast. During the pandemic when hospitals and clinics are busy catering to the COVID patients, it is only natural. For the other patients to avoid the hospital premises except for emergencies. Therefore, the telehealth service steps in here to assist the patients and allow access to all those who require help. With the emergence of this service, people belonging to different income groups can access the benefits of healthcare fully.

Prospects of healthcare according to Arash Hadipour Nikash MD

What Arash Hadipour Nikash MD feels is that the telehealth services can provide people with the opportunity. To seek medical help while maintaining the norms of social distancing. It will also reduce extreme stress on the healthcare system during a time when people are becoming more prone to infections. Furthermore, telehealth services promote the healthcare system to the highest level. To avoid negative ramifications due to delay in routine care for patients suffering from chronic diseases. With remote access to healthcare services, the relationship between the person and the health service provider stays intact. Here is what you need to know about its uses.

  • Provision of immediate care for COVID-19 patients without going into the risk factors. And identifying people who require additional medical help or consultation.
  • Telehealth service is useful for screening those patients who have symptoms of COVID-19 infection.
  • Providing support and assistance to the patients for managing chronic health issues along with counseling for obesity and nutrition planning.
  • Telehealth services also assist in occupational and physical therapy and provide a comprehensive approach to maintaining good health.
  • Monitoring the signs of chronic health conditions, such as hypertension, diabetes, and other assessments.
  • Arranging follow-up for patients suffering from health disorders or after hospitalization.
  • Offering counseling to patients for tackling life-threatening diseases and medical crises.
  • Providing care to patients for long-term healthcare complications.

Benefits of telehealth services: Arash Hadipour Nikash MD

Telehealth services may not have gained such popularity if the world had not come in the grip of a pandemic.  The following points focus on the benefits of telehealth services.

  • With telehealth, it becomes easy to minimize the risks to the virus and the healthcare workers.
  • When people need to stay protected at home to check the spread of infection, telehealth services. Help in reducing the curve.
  • With telehealth services, patients can overcome the obstacles of mobility, transportation, and a shortage of local caregivers.
  • Telehealth services also help in reducing the cost for those patients who require driving long distances. To visit their healthcare provider for consultation or follow up.
  • It becomes easy to restrict the arrival of patients in the hospital with telehealth services.

Closing thoughts of Arash Hadipour Nikash MD

The telehealth services help in fostering communication. Between patients and physicians and allow the latter to stay updated with crucial health information. While it is convenient during the pandemic to make healthcare more accessible for the patients, the primary goal of this service is to ensure. That the healthcare service needs to be of the highest quality.

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